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Deadline Crime with Tamron Hall premiered on September 1, 2013.  The series focus on crime investigation  and is hosted by Tamron Hall of NBC News.

Season 1Edit

1x01 - "Family Secrets - Ruth Pyne/Robert Chambers" (OAD: 09/01/2013)

1x02 - "A Secret Affair - Jessie Valencia/The Jackson Brothers" (OAD: 09/08/2013)

1x03 - "The Professor's Wife - Ellen Robb/Ray Krone" (OAD: 09/15/2013)

1x04 - "Fools for Love - Sarah Jo Pender/Shasta Groene" (OAD: 09/22/2013)

1x05 - "The Unlikeliest Suspect - John and Susan Sutton" (OAD: 10/02/2013)

1x06 - "On the Killer's Trail" (OAD: 10/09/2013)

1x07 - "A Mother's Mission" (OAD: 10/16/2013)

1x08 - "The Heart Knows" (OAD: 10/23/2013)

1x09 - "Blinding Ambition" (OAD: 10/30/2013)

1x10 - "Haunting Memory" (OAD: 11/06/2013)

1x11 - "The Great Pretender" (OAD: 11/13/2013)

1x12 - "Web of Lies' (OAD: 11/20/2013)

1x13 - "The Missng Mom" (OAD: 12/04/2013)

Season 2Edit

2x01 - "Justice for Jane Doe" (OAD: 06/01/2014)

2x02 - "Murder in the Applegate" (OAD: 06/08/2014)

2x03 - "The Deadly Deceiver" (OAD: 06/15/2014)

2x04 - "See Something, Say Something" (OAD: 06/22/2014)

2x05 - "The House of Q Street" (OAD: 06/29/2014)

2x06 - "Harvesting Murder" (OAD: 07/13/2014)

2x07 - "Fool's Gold" (OAD: 07/20/2014)

2x08 - "Foster Fiction" (OAD: 07/27/2014) - Liz Carroll passes out in a park and her 3 year old foster child goes missing.  The investigation leads the detectives back to the foster family.

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