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Dates From Hell profiles stories where men and women share their personal stories of how something that started out as dinner and a movie quickly transformed into a scene from a horror film.

This series will bring in a slew of stories that examine what it really means to survive a true date from hell, including a woman who had to make a daring escape from her kidnapper's trunk to a man who was lured into a serial killer's lair from a dating website. (Source: Investigation Discovery)

Season One aired on Wednesdays, Season Two aired on Fridays and Season Three aired on Thursdays.

Season 1Edit

1x01 - "Tourist Terror" (OAD: 07/11/2012)

1x02 - "Virgin Targets" (OAD: 07/11/2012)

1x03 - "A Kiss Before Dying" (OAD: 07/18/2012)

1x04 - "Charming Nightmare" (OAD: 07/18/2012)

1x05 - "Web of Seduction" (OAD: 07/25/2012)

1x06 - "Highway Horror" (OAD: 08/01/2012)

Season 2Edit

2x01 - "First Date, Last Date" (OAD: 04/12/2013)

2x02 - "A Killer Night" (OAD: 04/12/2013)

2x03 - "Bullet for My Baby" (OAD: 04/19/2013)

2x04 - "Dark Knight" (OAD: 04/19/2013) - A woman goes on a date with a Navy Veteran.  This episode is about the shooting at the Aurora, Colorado theatre showing of The Dark Knight Rises in July 2012.

2x05 - "Blood Red Roses" (OAD: 04/26/2013)

2x06 - "Say Yes or Die" (OAD: 04/26/2013)

2x07 - "iMurder" (OAD: 05/03/2013)

2x08 - "Slice of Love" (OAD: 05/03/2013)

2x09 - "Roll of the Die" (OAD: 05/10/2013)

2x10 - "A Date with Hate" (OAD: 05/17/2013)

2x11 - "Blood Red Carpet" (OAD: 06/06/2013)

2x12 - "Misery Loves Company" (OAD: 06/13/2013)

2x13 - "Blood Lust" (OAD: 06/23/2013)

2x14 - "No Escape" (OAD: 06/27/2013)

2x15 - "Dream Date, Hell Date" (OAD: 07/11/2013)

2x16 - "Love You to Death" (OAD: 07/18/2013)

Season 3Edit

3x01 - "Kiss Me, Kill Me" (OAD: 05/01/2014)

3x02 - "Nightmare at Lover's Lane" (OAD: 05/08/2014)

3x03 - "Long Kiss Goodnight" (OAD: 05/15/2014)

3x04 - "Dr. Feelgood" (OAD: 05/22/2014)

3x05 - "PIece of My Heart" (OAD: 05/29/2014)

3x06 - "Blood Red Proposal" (OAD: 06/05/2014)

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