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Investigation Discovery's new series, Dark Temptations uncovers the dark realities when perverse fascinations take deadly turns. Prying the lid off these taboo worlds, each one hour episode offers viewers a rare glimpse of lives dictated by Dark Temptations.

Dark Temptations premiered on July 2, 2014.

Season 1Edit

1x01 - "Crush Me" / "Black Magic Numbers" (OAD: 07/02/2014)

1x02 - "Snake Pit" / "The Deepest Cut" (OAD: 07/09/2014)

1x03 - "Hollywood Bondage" / "Blood Thirsty" (OAD: 07/16/2014)

1x04 - "Dungeon of Death" / "If the Shoe Fits" (OAD: 07/23/2014)

1x05 - "No Leg to Stand On" / "Devil in OC" (OAD: 07/30/2014)

1x06 - "Recipe for Murder" / "Tuned for Terror" (OAD: 08/06/2014)

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