Cry Wolfe premiered on June 3, 2014. The series follows investigator Brian Wolfe and his assistant Janine McCarthy as they work cases involving cheating spouses, con artists and dishonest employees.

The series aired on Tuesdays at 10/9pm. This is a 30 minute series.

Season 1Edit

1x01 - "Sexty Hubby" (OAD: 06/03/2014)

1x02 - "Closing the Deal" (OAD: 06/03/2014)

1x03 - "I Do, I Do" (OAD: 06/10/2014)

1x04 - "The Other Woman" (OAD: 06/10/2014)

1x05 - "I Am Woman" (OAD: 06/17/2014)

1x06 - "Stalk the Way" (OAD: 06/17/2014)

1x07 - "Paper Trail" (OAD: 06/24/2014)

1x08 - "Fifty Shades of Kay" (OAD: 07/01/2014)

1x09 - "Gambling on Love" (OAD: 07/08/2014)

1x10 - "Black Widower" (OAD: 07/15/2014)

1x11 - "Trust Thy Neighbor" (OAD: 07/22/2014)

1x12 - "You Will Meet a Tall, Dark Liar" (OAD: 07/29/2014)

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