Behind Mansion Walls debuted on June 6, 2011.  The series focus on crimes that affect the wealthy.  The series is hosted by Christopher Mason.

Behind Mansion Walls tells the stories of crime, mystery, and murder that unfold behind the veil of wealth and privilege. Secret affairs, hidden accounts, and false identities are just the tip of the iceberg in a world clouded by money that could lead to murder. Hosted by society columnist Christopher Mason, this series uses expert testimony, stylized recreations, and narration from the victim's first-person perspective, escorting viewers behind picture perfect facades, where greed leads to murder and no one is above the law. (Source: Investigation Discovery)

During season 1 the series  new episodes aired on Mondays at 10/9pm since season 2 new episodes have aired on Thursdays at 10/9pm.

Season 1Edit

1x01 - "Death in Palm Beach" (OAD: 06/06/2011)

1x02 - "The Perfect Crime" (OAD: 06/13/2011)

1x03 - "Fatal Dynasty" (OAD: 06/20/2011)

1x04 - "The Enemy Within aka Rich Kids" (OAD: 06/27/2011)

1x05 - "Above the Law" (OAD: 07/04/2011)

1x06 - "The Wayward Son" (OAD: 07/11/2011)

1x07 - "Fatal Greed" (OAD: 07/18/2011)

1x08 - "A Family Fued" (OAD: 07/25/2011)

1x09 - "Husbands & Wives" (OAD: 08/01/2011)

1x10 - "Secret Lives" (OAD: 08/08/2011)

1x11 - "Beverly Hills Kids" (OAD: 08/15/2011)

1x12 - "The Hired Help" (OAD: 08/22/2011)

1x13 - "Getting Away With It" (OAD: 08/29/2011)

Season 2Edit

2x01 - "A Toxic Inheritance" (OAD: 06/07/2012)

2x02 - "The Killer Inside" (OAD: 06/14/2012)

2x03 - "Sex, Money, Death" (OAD: 06/21/2012)

2x04 - "Kiss or Kill" (OAD: 06/28/2012)

2x05 - "Hidden Desires" (OAD: 07/05/2012)

2x06 - "Death Before Divorce" (OAD: 07/12/2012)

2x07 - "A Killer's Smile" (OAD: 07/19/2012)

2x08 - "Born to Win" (OAD: 07/26/2012)

2x09 - "Daddy Dearest" (OAD: 08/02/2012)

2x10 - "Devils in Disguise" (OAD: 08/09/2012)

2x11 - "Money Mysteries" (OAD: 08/16/2012)

2x12 - "The Price of Love" (OAD: 08/23/2012)

2x13 - "Family Ties" (OAD: 08/30/2012)

Season 3Edit

3x01 - "Above Suspicion" (OAD: 05/23/2013)

3x02 - "Dark Secrets" (OAD: 05/30/2013)

3x03 - "Mask of Lies" (OAD: 06/06/2013)

3x04 - "Flesh & Blood" (OAD: 06/13/2013)

3x05 - "Heir to Misfortune" (OAD: 06/20/2013)

3x06 - "Never Enough" (OAD: 06/27/2013)

3x07 - "Kill for Cash" (OAD: 07/11/2013)

3x08 - "A Bankrupt Heart" (OAD: 07/18/2013)

3x09 - "Lord and Master" (OAD: 07/25/2013)

3x10 - "Rough Diamonds" (OAD: 08/08/2013)

3x11 - "Spoiled Rotten" (OAD: 08/15/2013)

3x12 - "Covet and Kill" (OAD: 08/22/2013)

3x13 - "Blood Money" (OAD: 08/29/2013)

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