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Beauty Queen Murders  premiered on October 1, 2013.  The series focus on young women who competed in beauty pagents who were tragically murdered.

Season 1Edit

1x01 - "Evil Intentions" (OAD: 10/01/2013) - Case of Jackie Johns of Nixa, Missouri.

1x02 - "Fatal Obsession" (OAD: 10/08/2013) - 1978 murder of a beauty queen from California.

1x03 - "Stalking Beauty" (OAD: 10/15/2013)

1x04 - "Someone's Watching You" (OAD: 10/22/2013)

1x05 - "If Looks Could Kill" (OAD: 10/29/2013) - Case centers around the beauty queen as a suspect in the muder of her best friend's husband.

1x06 - "Deadly Sins" (OAD: 11/05/2013) 

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